Building Bridges for Education (BBFE) provides aid and educational access to underserved communities, domestically and internationally, specifically through:

  1. HIV Programs
  2. Computer/Vocational Programs
  3. Nutritional Programs
  4. Training Of Trainers (TOT)
  5. STEAM Plus E3 Workshops
  6. Mentoring Programs
Building Bridges for Education raises monetary aid to implement educational programs in the United States and support educational projects in Africa. Capital is allocated only to grass root, non-governmental organizations properly registered and recognized within their respective country. BBFE meets with each organization annually to determine their level of need and frequency of funding.


Building Bridges for Education is concurrently working with a non-governmental organization in Tanzania to develop a Training of Trainers (TOT) program with community volunteers and primary and secondary teachers and instructors in an effort to increase basic educational access to children between four and ten years old. HIV training and preventive programs is included in this project. Additionally, BBFE is developing a STEAM Plus E3 Program that is comprised of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math related workshops for minority girls who are in the third through eighth grades.


The goal of the Teacher Training Project is to maximize mutual capacity by collaborating with Tanzanian organizations and ministries with the largest reach and the most stake in the field of Early Childhood Education, Care, and Development. Additionally, within the United States, our goal is to increase the number of female minority youth who are interested in the STEAM fields and establish mentorships within local underserved communities.


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